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  1. Hi, Dr. Montagne. I am a full time English instructor for Seminole State College of Florida and a doctoral student in Educational Technology at the University of Florida. Hopefully, I will pass my qualifying exams in a few weeks and begin my dissertation research. In preparation for my own research, I have read your dissertation, Student learning outcomes and pedagogy in online and face-to-face college English composition: A mixed methods study, and I found it quite helpful. I have taught English composition online since 2005, and I wish to conduct my research on the use of self-regulatory strategies in online English composition course design to help community college students persist online and better navigate the complex steps required to master research and argument writing. I wanted to contact you to thank you for your work on English composition online and to ask if you have any recommendations for me as I continue the search for scholarship on this topic. Thanks for your time, Kate Kellen

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